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Not Scotch
It's a drink - not a friggin' nationality
I have a box of dark chocolate coated espresso beans on my desk and I can't stop munching on them. I got the shakes the last 2 days 'cause I ate so many of them and I'm well on my way to the shakes again today.

I've got enough for about 2 more days if I keep eating them at this rate. Sometimes I wonder what kind of harm that much caffeine is doing but then the anti-oxidants from the dark chocolate will balance it out, right? :)

P.S. I've changed my mood just for you S.

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Happy St. Patrick's DayCollapse )

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I finally took the plunge and ordered myself a couple of Threadless t-shirts. They have some great designs on their T's and you can be pretty sure that not many other people will be wearing them as they only release them in limited numbers.

I've been thinking about getting some for a while but I couldn't pass up their $10 holiday sale. So, if any of you are looking for some unique T-shirts for yourself or for holiday gifts then go ahead and pay them a visit - Threadless (http://www.threadless.com/?streetteam=Graeme)

And if you're a budding designer, why not submit your own design and maybe win some cash!

Disclaimer: I get points towards free T's if you use my link and actually buy something but this is not about personal gain (well... not completely) - I genuinely think their t-shirts are cool and at only $10 for your very own piece of wearable art - you can't go wrong!!

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My wife gave birth to a 6lb 7oz boy at 1:59am this morning. Mum and baby are doing fine and my daughter seems to like him.
We're calling him Ian.

We're knackered... but happy :)


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Just pimping my new icon courtesy of amanda.
Love it!

*EDIT* Check out her community quadratus_imago


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...here's a picture of meCollapse )

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It looks like the guys at PS 260 that brought you Shining: a romantic comedy (lores quicktime) are up to the same mischief with Cabin Fever (lores quicktime).

Much as I like their take on horror movies I love their spin on West Side Story (lores quicktime) and Titanic (lores quicktime) too.

These remind me of the time I went to see Angel Eyes with some friends. I didn't particularly want to see it but my friends did. From the trailer, we were expecting some kind of thriller or suspense movie and it turned out to be a bad love story and an all round crap movie. I was pissed at my friends for picking this and I'm pretty sure they only chose it 'cause JHole was in it.


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In San Francisco last night, a woman stripped her 3 kids (aged 6 yrs, 2 yrs and 16 months) and threw them off the fishing pier into the frigid bay water. There's pretty much 0 chance that any of them survived and only 1 body has been found so far.
This story makes me feel sick. Here's an article about it.

I want to be angry at the mom but I figure she's got to be pretty mentally ill to do something like that.

*EDIT* Turns out she's schizophrenic and the voices told her to do it.

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Watched Kill Bill Volume 2 on Sunday night. It had all the story that was missing from Volume 1 and was pleasantly violent although the was a distinct lack of fountains of blood gushing everywhere.
Gordon Liu was great as Pei Mei and delivered a classic kung fu movie performance. It's a shame they didn't show more of him fighting.
The deleted scene with Bill fighting an old enemy's student was stolen directly from classic kung fu and cracked me up as it even had a bad English accent like the ones so often used in the dubbing of those films.

As much as I enjoyed the film I was really disappointed with how short the fight scene was between The Bride and Bill but this and Volume 1 are both very much worth seeing.


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Thank you Stalker Stacy! The CDs and card arrived on Friday but I was a bit busy with a visit to the hospital for my wife's false labor to post.

P.S. Having a PO box is cheating - how am I expected to stalk you back if you don't tell me your address :P

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